Hannibal King – Don’t Die Lyrics

[Verse 1]
God bless, 10 years I ain’t think baby girl we would still be here
So called friends that I knew never cared, how you gon’ tell me that I ain’t no heir? Gun to my dome thinking end my air, suicide I had so much fear
High as hell, how could I see clear, how could I find God if I didn’t know where
God Bless, I remember couple nights where a nigga could’ve probably died twice
God bless, I never thought being broke god could ever really feel this nice
Seen death had to dodge that light, young Mayweather never lost that fight
Took a couple lefts when I should’ve went right, Suicide nigga, Don’t Die
Nigga Don’t Die, Don’t Die
Nigga Don’t Die, Don’t Die
[Verse 2]
God bless, about a handful of pills trynna figure if I had enough
God bless, got a text from my shorty, she told me that I had her love
Drunk on the corner, handful of thugs, daps and some hugs said I had their love
Man of the house god I had to be one, look at us mama how far we come
God bless, I felt the best when I ain’t have shit, don’t die getting rich
Claim yo set, god who you with, half of a 1/5th like it’s my world bitch
This yo life go live that shit, you could be gone god it goes so quick
Suicide nigga, Don’t Die