Guardin – Trapdoor Lyrics (feat. Huskai)

[Verse 1: guardin]
I don’t wanna hear it
That’s the sound of bullshit when you spit it (when you spit it)
You ain’t living half the shit in your lyrics (in your lyrics)
You been wastin,g time pushing all your limits (all your limits)
And I think that you act more (act more), like a stainless steel garbage compact door (-pact door)
No one cares what you wear f**king rap more (rap more)
Swear this generation’s falling through a trapdoor
Investing all my time into this
Imma make it through the dark with the lid into my spliff
Running laps all the laps to your bitch (?)
Gucci strapped on my wrwast
‘Preme hat with the twist L.V. on the brim
Got the bands but the bands don’t show
Cause the life you f**king living ain’t the life you know
Such a novice with the (?) but your tone got glow
So you hype it up and write it up like you got dough
Sleeping out on the streets
Mixtapes in the bag of 40 ounces on repeat
Celebrate when you peak, but that ain’t happen yet
You’ve been falling hard and I think that’s pretty evident
So, take a break kick it back
Put your feet up better feed up on that bowl you pack but
Better safe than sorry keep that door cracked
Marijuana chronicles value my soundtrack
[Verse 2: huskai]
I got the marijuana rolled ouu
My fingers stickin like I’m playing with some cold glue
I met this cutie and I told her she could come through
And now we’re blazed upon my bed in my bedroom
In my head, I’m thinking I just wanna kiss you
But in your mind, I feel like you don’t even have a clue
I wanna say it but I think you’d have an issue
Yet what I didn’t know is that you really wanted to
You know your boy Huskai had to make a score
I looked her in the eyes I swear I saw a beach shore
I said baby life’s been feelin so sunken in the floor
And those lips are the key to open up my trap door
She put her hand down and a smile is all I could see
I felt so special cause she really f**king wanted me
I grabbed her hips, pulled her closer so I’d feel her lips
Right as I did I woke up out a dream without a kiss
Without a kiss
Without a kiss
Yeah, yeah