Guardin – Lately Lyrics

How you gonna say that you like that
Just to walk away when the tide casts
Just to disappear well the forecast
Is cloudy today but the way that she talks makes the night dance
Girl you’re an angel from hell
Bad to the bone baby I couldn’t tell
Ooo mamasita she sweet to the cell
She on my dick cause I look like drake bell
Whisper my name
Grippin’ your neck & I’m slappin’ your face
Pull on your hair as I slide your panties off your waist
Sit on my lips cause I love how you taste
Baby girl just take off on my rocket
When you pop it back you better lock it
We could spark the jay inside my pocket
f**k all night & we ain’t ever stoppin’
Got a feelin this is it
Got me feelin like a kid
Spark another in a bit too high i’ll admit
Rollie rollie rollie rollie rollie rollie on my wrist
Jk maybe ravioli in my dish
I’m never hungry
Only for pussy and money
I thought that bar was so funny
I’m still laughin’ like a dummy
Nothing makes sense to me lately
Stuck in my room someone save me
I’m a fiend cause this weed got me shaky
Smoking it daily, cause I cop big bands
And I got big plans, and I can not stand you
Being this far away, from the shit that you say
That you think that you can’t do
Just try a little harder and you’ll see
Turn your dreams into reality
f**k the hate and negativity
I believe in creativity
So when the sun comes up will you be here in the morning, love
So when the sun comes up will you be here in the morning, love
I can’t sleep without you in my bed
And lately you’ve been wandering inside of my head
So maybe I’m falling all over again
And I fear you’ll leave me for one of your friends