Go Yayo – Boom Lyrics

[Hook] Boom(3x)
Boom boom
Hit yo bitch with that Boom
Dammit man,Dammit man
Dammit man
40 Go Boom
Yehh!! [intro]
[Hook:Go Yayo]
Wop wop wop
Dammit man
40 Go Boom
Yehh!! Skrr skrrr
Im spuddy boom
Nigga geeked in a cartooon(geek geek)
Its Go Yayo bitch and i love to hear that yoppa (boom 3x)
Lets Get it!! Boom(3x)
Wop drop
Hit yo bitch with that
[Verse 1: Go Yayo]
Yayo!!! Im High as the moon
You niggas is twelve, like noon
Hit a lick urk off like zoom,Zoooooom! Nigga do you have to ask
Im all about cash
Give it up fast
Move and im bussin yo ass
I love to hear that thooka blast(Boom Boom Boom)
Damn! When i enter the room, young nigga bringin tha Boom
Like a typhoon
Hoodfame part two coming soon
More Gold than that Pharaoh in tomb
Young nigga Boom
Street sweeper,nigga no broom
f**k with the kid then you doomed
Run in yo trap Masked up,Raccoon
Im showing my ass,Baboon
Get the job done
Oh, Shit, Give me the cash
Kick in your door like the task
Sippin on lean out a glass
I hit a lick of Og gas, Og gas Og Gas
You down for the jack?