Glorious battles of the past. Computer games on the history of Russia

We are talking about some projects that were once very popular among gamers. Trilogy “Chronicles” also tied to geography and history — in "Chinese" part the player finds himself in China XVI century, in the "Indian" — in India XIX  Well, in the “Russian” the player leads his character through the 1918 Russian Civil War engulfed — gets a valuable artifact from the palace captured by the Bolsheviks, saves the daughter of the last tsar Anastasia from execution, and at the same time fights the Templars. «Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia», 2016
It's part of the larger Assassin's Creed franchise. «Cossacks: European Wars», 2000
A historical real-time strategy game dedicated to the wars of the XVII and XVIII centuries. «Kholat», 2015
Adventure horror from the Polish studio —&nbsp ;this is a very free reconstruction of the events of the winter of 1959 in the Urals, when for some unknown reason a group of student skiers led by Igor Dyatlov died. You can also recall the game “Death to Spies”, dedicated to the activities of SMERSH, the games “Blitzkrieg” or “Behind enemy lines” and many others, covering, perhaps, all game genres. Cyberia Limited received a grant to create a game in the genre of role-playing action “Trouble”, writes “Kommersant”. “IL-2” — this is a flight simulator, and the player is waiting for several campaigns covering the entire period of the war, from 1941 to 1945. The plot of the game develops around the battles of the Eastern Front of the First World War, and the player can choose one of the sides of this conflict (including the side of the Russian army) and fight with authentic weapons of that time on maps based on real battles of that war. To play in the actual “Rusich” the main game was not needed, and the main character was the Lithuanian prince Dovmont, who fled to Russia and ruled Pskov for more than thirty years. (“Assassin's Creed”), in which the player becomes an assassin-assassin and receives tasks to kill various historical characters. “Trouble” — not the first computer game that shows the events of Russian history. The player does not participate in the “Dyatlovites” campaign, but can shed light on what happened to them. In the second part (“Cossacks II”, 2005), the player could command the armies of the Napoleonic Wars. Glory or Death”, in which, by the way, it was possible to play for the faction of the Russians (Western, Central or Northern). Russian history is again in the center of attention of the creators of computer games. The basis for the plot of the game will be the novel by the Russian writer Mikhail Zagoskin “Yuri Miloslavsky, or the Russians in 1612”, published in 1829. During this time, Dovmont performed many feats of arms (and the player is invited to repeat them), and after his death he was canonized as a saint and is considered the heavenly patron of Pskov. The novel tells about Prince Miloslavsky (this is a fictional character), who participates in the events of the end of the Time of Troubles and in the fight against the Polish invaders. «XIII Century: Rusich", 2007
Formally, this is an addition to the strategy «XIII Century. About the events of the first “Cossacks” you can also learn from the game “Mount & Blade: With fire and sword (2011) — independent addition to the role-playing action «Mount & Blade". "Tannenberg", 2019
A multiplayer online first-person shooter whose title refers to the Battle of Tannenberg in 1914. The game is scheduled for release in 2024. «IL-2 Sturmovik», 2001
For obvious reasons, a huge number of — games are dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War, both by Russian developers and foreign ones, who, however, consider it as part of the Second World War. There are many games in the franchise, their action takes place in different historical eras and in different countries. The player has access to several campaigns — French about the events of the Thirty Years' War, English (about pirates in the Caribbean), and Ukrainian (developer — Ukrainian company GSC Game World), which dealt with the war of the Cossacks with Poland, and Russian — from the uprising of Stepan Razin to the battles of the Northern War. Rate the material