German Defense Minister reported on the supply of artillery to Ukraine

Germany will supply three Mars II multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers will begin training in handling them in June, German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht said during a speech in the Bundestag, Spiegel reports. “We didn’t need to demand [confirmation] of this from Ukraine, they themselves stated this. We have confidence that Ukraine will use weapons only for defense, — said Lambrecht (quoted by Focus). Will the crisis of 2008 repeat Pro Articles “Their furniture immediately began to be faked there”: how IKEA conquered China skin after 35 years: 5 important rules Instructions Pro National peculiarities of business management in Russia Lecture Tags Subscribe to Telegram

Источник “If the weapons are sent later, we will still say “thank you”, but then a lot will be wasted, many people will die,” — he said. The minister expressed confidence that Ukraine will use the military equipment transferred to it by the West only for defense. “In any case, the goals of the special military operation will be achieved, they will simply cause more suffering to Ukraine, which is just a tool in the hands of those countries that supply [weapons] there,” — Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of Russia, said. Lambrecht said that on June 22, Ukraine received the first batch of heavy weapons— seven PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers, the Ukrainian military were trained in their use in Germany, Welt points out. The next delivery will be the Mars II MLRS. Lambrecht promised that in the future, Berlin will make open the list of all weapons that have been delivered and will be delivered to Kyiv. According to the minister, Germany is also negotiating the supply of arms to Ukraine with Poland, Greece, Slovakia and Slovenia. In addition, the US and UK will supply seven more artillery pieces. Which model to replace it Articles Pro Housing prices are falling around the world. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba pointed out that the sooner weapons are sent to the Ukrainian military, the more help it will provide to the country. Read on RBC Pro Pro Shinrin-yoku: why walks in the forest are useful for a modern person Instructions Pro Capitalism in Russia failed to build. Kuleba also said that even if the West stops helping Ukraine with weapons, the country will still defend itself, “fight with shovels.”
The Kremlin noted that “inflating” Ukraine weapons will not change the parameters of the special operation.