Garden Centre – Supermoon Lyrics

[Verse 1]
We were looking at the super moon
And you forgot to put your glasses on
So you had no idea how beautiful it was
We were looking at the super moon
And you couldn’t even bother to put on your shoes
Big thorn through the sole of your foot
On the way through your dad’s garden
[Verse 2]
When we got inside to remove the thorn
Oh yeah, we were as drunk as on the day we met
I think I made the problem worse
And pushed it further inside
You said you couldn’t recall anything
But the general experience was one you had enjoyed
The soft white light in the black of the night
And the surgery
Getting unwell
Getting unwell until you said goodbye
Leaving the house
Unseasonably warm for a January night
[Verse 3]
There were trees and lakes and canyons
All shooting fast and dead across the sky
But for all you could tell, they were living still forever
I am happy that you couldn’t tell
And I am happy that you were happy as well
Your foot hurt more and your head hurt
And we had made up a good memory