Futurebirds – Paranoia Letters Lyrics

Ain’t ya lagging from all that dragging
Of a life you’ve made in song
There’s one line waiting
Shouldn’t ya take it before you find I’m gone? Come home baby, I’m falling in love
And it ain’t with your memory
No, it’s with flesh and blood
One night of love don’t make up for six weeks alone
So come home darling
Quit pushing me to do you wrong
Come home baby, I’ve had enough
This do-right-woman heart
Yeah, it’s losing touch
I’ve got me this feeling
It’s freaking me out
Cause there’s a stranger that’s growing
Less strange every time I go out, out
Got you a head full of rotten dreams
Standing on the shoulders of some broken scene
So you’d rather seize delusion
Than hold me tight
But you ain’t holding nothing
That you’re chasing all through the night
Ain’t ya tired of all the voices
Roaring in your head
The hard line you’re painting
Shouldn’t you shake it before you turn up dead?