Dodon was kept under house arrest until October 11

They will appeal the decision. The ex-president considers the prosecutor's demand unreasonable. The politician denies his guilt and believes that the cases against him were initiated for political reasons. < p>According to prosecutor Piotr Yarmalyuk, who is in charge of the case, the prosecution believes that Dodon can interfere with investigators when he is free, by making contacts with witnesses and destroying evidence. In mid-August, the court extended Dodon's house arrest until September 21. His lawyers insisted on the release of the politician. Rate the material
Источник Earlier, Igor Dodon called on the opposition parties to unite and go to joint protests in order to achieve the dissolution of the Moldovan parliament. He is accused of corruption, illegal enrichment and treason. The court decided to keep former Moldovan President Igor Dodon under house arrest until October 11, TASS reports. The prosecutor's office asked the court to extend the arrest. Recall that Dodon has been under house arrest since the end of May.