Conejo – Good Day Lyrics

(Los Tucanes De Tijuana – El Centenario)
Notorious Enemy
They Don’t Know What They’re Up Against
Ernie G. King
Califarap Forums
Gossip Bout The Fling
And Southland Records
Still Getting They Paper
And I’m Dressed Yellow Purple
Like A L.A. Laker
These Vatos Faker
(In Hood In L.A. They Say)
Hi Power Still Wack
Ain’t Nothing Changed With Them
And Kre8tor Got Beats
Fingazz f**k With The Sell Outs
That’s Bash Lil Rob
Switch The Station Like Hell Naw
I Get Mail Outs
When I’m In The Pen
Cause I Always Got The Tar
So Bring Your Ends
Payaso & The Dukes
I Pick That Up
Ese 3 For 20 Dollars
Was The Deal I Struck
I Gives A f**k
What Mellow Man Got To Say
Cause The Gangs Run L.A
And The Rest Is Lame
[Verse 2]
Drove To The Pad
And Hit The Showers
And Didn’t Even Get
No Static From The Cowards
Cause Just Yesterday
Them Fools Try To Blast Me
Saw The Police
And They Rolled Right Pass Me
Cause I’m Beyond
Your Imagination
While Estavan Oriol
Is Filming On Location
Across The Nation
With Sick Symphonies
That’s Cynic Crow Soto
And Dukes O.G
Kinto Sol & Spider
Call Me Scarface 2
Dope Rime Provider
Gots To Mention
Musica Asesina
Chopping Lines In The Studio
Of That Cocaina
Got’s To Shout Out
All The f**ken Fans
That’s Germany Japan
All The Troops In Iraq
I Got Your Back
I’m A Keep You Flooded
If I Could Send You Work
I’m A Send You A Hundred
(Scarface Movie Scene) C-O-N
Exclusive Shit
Scarface 2 The Mixtape
Woke Up Feeling Good Than A Mothaf**ker Ernie
Came Up Strong Last Night Hit A Lick
Feel Me
Bout To Roll Over To The Sante Fe Swapmeet
See What They Got
Some New Shit
This Scarface 2 The Mixtape
Big G Rabbit
High Caliber Exclusive
Check Me Out
[Verse 1]
Just Waking Up
In The Morning Got To Thank God
I Don’t No
But Today Seems Kind Of Odd
No Barking From The Dogs
No Smog
Bootlegs Vol 2
In My iPod
Call Lala
To Bring Baby Wicked
You Could Have Lady Sinful
I Don’t f**k Fat Bitches
We Hitting Switches
In My Cali.