Chief Rabbi of Russia offered Lavrov to apologize for his words about Hitler

According to Lazar, “then it would be possible to consider the incident settled.”
The rabbi also reacted to the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, which the day before accused Israel of supporting the “neo-Nazi regime”; in Kyiv, where supposedly “anti-Semitism <…> bloomed in luxuriant colors. Read on RBC Pro Pro Sprints do not belong here: how to speed up development in conditions of instability Cases Pro You want to get a trademark of a brand that left the Russian Federation: how to do this see the future of “Yandex” Articles Pro Delisting Russian companies from foreign exchanges: how it affects shares What are the threats to the food market in the new realities Articles Pro 5 questions to ask the employer at the interview Articles
Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid considered Lavrovai's words unforgivable and said that the Jews “did not kill themselves during the Holocaust”, stressing that accusing the Jews of anti-Semitism— it is to exhibit “the lowest level of racism against the Jews.” He also demanded that the Russian government apologize to Israel and the Jewish people. “I do not consider myself entitled to give advice to the head of Russian diplomacy, but it would be nice if he apologized to the Jews and simply admitted his mistake,” — quotes the rabbi's agency. Prime Minister Naftali Bennet called them lies, the purpose of which — “to blame the Jews themselves for the most heinous crimes in history that have been committed against them, and thereby exonerate the enemies of Israel from responsibility.” He repeated his words from the April 28 Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony: “Even the worst wars today— not the Holocaust and incomparable with the Holocaust. The rabbi believes that “then the incident could be considered settled” alt=”Chief Rabbi of Russia offered Lavrov to apologize for his words about Hitler” />
Berl Lazar
Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar called the statements of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about Jews and leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler shocking. The Russian ambassador was summoned to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. According to Lazar, “it is inappropriate to make any comparisons”; between the Holocaust and current events in Ukraine. According to Lavrov, this argument “means absolutely nothing.”
These statements caused indignation of the Israeli authorities. Lavrov's statements were also condemned by the leaders of other states. He would like the minister to apologize for them, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Berl Lazar said that he “has no right to give advice” to the head of the Foreign Ministry, but would like Lavrov to apologize for his words about the Jewish people and Hitler. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called them “absurd and unacceptable.” Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi obscene, and US State Department spokesman Ned Price— “the lowest form of racism.”
Zelensky, in turn, called Lavrov's words an “anti-Semitic attack”, which indicate that “in Russia all the lessons of World War II have been forgotten, and maybe never did not learn these lessons». Contributions to the article Authors Tags Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster than anyone else

Источник The rabbi pointed to the role that Soviet troops played in the victory over Nazism, and noted that such a comparison “belittles the merits of these heroic soldiers who liberated Auschwitz and hoisted the banner of victory over the Reichstag.”

< p>Last week, Lavrov, in an interview with the Italian broadcaster Mediaset, suggested that Adolf Hitler may have Jewish roots, and said that “the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews.” Thus, the minister reacted to the question of why Ukraine needs “denazification” (the Russian authorities call it one of the goals of the military operation), if the country's President Vladimir Zelensky— Jew.