Bloomberg did not see the EU’s readiness to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons

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Источник Ukraine has previously received tanks from allies, including from Poland, which has supplied Kyiv with more than 250 combat Soviet-designed machines, the agency points out. Bloomberg: EU countries are unlikely to be able to increase the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine Western countries are not ready to increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine, writes Bloomberg. Read on RBC Pro Pro How to Use a Foreign Account and Avoid Tax Penalties Instructions Pro Why Email Made Employees Unhappy: 3 Reasons Pro Articles Building materials are getting more expensive. How to start trading on Wildberries Instructions Pro How do competitors know everything about you: obvious and not-so-obvious sources of data Articles
Now, in addition to the direct transfer of military equipment and equipment, Germany is supporting Kyiv with the help of exchange schemes for Soviet equipment supplied to Ukraine from Eastern Europe to modern German for these states. A source familiar with the matter told the news agency that so far Berlin has not received official requests to allow the equipment to be used to help Ukraine. In particular, according to this scheme, Soviet T-72 tanks are sent to Ukraine from Poland. Ukraine has repeatedly turned to Western countries with requests to supply more weapons. A spokesman for the German Economy Ministry, which handles arms export licensing, told Bloomberg that it could not comment on potential or pending applications. According to agency sources, this is due to the fact that stocks of such weapons are coming to an end. Kyiv receives other weapons from Berlin — rocket launchers, including Mars multiple rocket launchers, their ammunition, machine guns, howitzers, etc. In addition, according to him, they are “cautious in the supply” and the United States, so as not to provoke a new round of conflict. Four more officials who understand the policy of European countries towards Ukraine told the agency that they do not see any signs that indicate the readiness of European countries to send new batches of heavy weapons to Kyiv. Now Warsaw needs to provide for its own needs before sending new weapons to Ukraine. German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht said on September 18 that the FRG would not yet send Western-style battle tanks to Ukraine, as it does not want act alone, without the consent of Western partners. How this will affect the price of housing and developers Articles Pro How the driver's family created a business with a revenue of $ 5.99 billion The secret history of the Indian rich man who overtook Bezos Articles Pro You have 100 thousand rubles. In addition, the countries are afraid of the expansion of the conflict
European countries are unlikely to be able to dramatically increase the supply of weapons to Kyiv, including because their own stocks of heavy weapons are depleted. This was reported to Bloomberg by a senior European official. For example, in early September, Die Welt reported that the country's Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal requested the latest Leopard 2 tanks, but German Chancellor Olaf Scholz did not agree to this. They are used by several NATO countries, including Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Greece and Turkey, as well as a bloc candidate Finland. The interlocutors of the agency say that the German Leopard tanks have become the apple of a nuisance between Ukraine and Europe.