Anniversary of outstanding jet aircraft tester Fedotov to be celebrated in Zhukovsky

Nevertheless, he worked as a test pilot for decades. In general, I know only one pilot who has never ejected, and in general has never jumped with a parachute. He made 8998 flights. They made barbecue, drank a glass of wine, played football, volleyball. They tested the MiG-31 fighter-interceptor. In total, during his flight biography, Alexander Fedotov mastered and tested 114 types of aircraft for various purposes. For a long time he worked in the company of Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan, including the chief pilot. Источник Fedotov has 18 world aviation records, some of which have not yet been surpassed by anyone. Zaitsev. < p>Alexander Vasilyevich died on April 4, 1984, together with test navigator V.S. The pilot who put the MiG-25 alcohol-carrying aircraft on the wing did not drink or smoke
In the city of aviators Zhukovsky, on June 23, solemn events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the Hero of the Soviet Union will be held , Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, Major General of Aviation Alexander Vasilievich Fedotov. These aircraft are still in service with the Russian Air Force. Every year, test pilots of our company came to our country house. He made the greatest contribution to its development. So he never spoke with a parachute. – I know that he did not drink or smoke. When he was in flight school, they had a parachute jump scheduled for June 23, 1941. They became carriers of the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. The total flight time is 4818 hours 11 minutes, that is, during his life he spent 200 days in the air. – I consider him the most outstanding pilot of the beginning of the era of combat jet aviation. My mother invited them on August 5, the birthday of Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan, the general designer, for whom they all worked. Here is what the representative of the Mikoyan Design Bureau, the son of the famous designer Ovanes Artemovich Mikoyan, told MK about Fedotov in a blitz interview. – Once I know for sure that I ejected. But it didn't work out. Fedotov was the first to take to the skies the SM-9/3T, E-8/2, E-150, MiG-23, MiG-23S, MiG-23M, MiG-23B, MiG-25R, MiG-25RU, MiG-29, MiG-31. He owns many records. He rightfully takes a place of honor among such aces as Valery Chkalov, Mikhail Gromov, Alexander Pokryshkin. The atmosphere was friendly, almost family. Not its very beginning, but a very important stage. The Design Bureau appreciated that Fedotov rarely put himself and the plane in emergency conditions, and when he got into such, he always kept his composure and skill, found the right solution and saved the plane. This is Stepan Anastasovich Mikoyan. Photo: ru
It is enough to get acquainted with the list of aircraft, which he “put on the wing”, that is, he made the first flight on them, in order to appreciate Fedotov's merits in the history of domestic aviation.