About 400 mistakenly mobilized citizens returned home in Crimea

As the head of the service for mobilization work and territorial defense of Crimea said Viktor Fesenko, for 300 people, mobilization was canceled on the very first day, since those called up were not suitable for their age. The head of the service cited as an example a situation where a person was called up after undergoing surgery. “Most of the citizens themselves are to blame for not registering for the military on time. Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Digital Development, Maksut Shadayev, said that the department would approve an approximate list of IT specialties that give the right to deferment from conscription as part of partial mobilization. He noted that on September 27, a form will appear on the public services portal to receive a reprieve by such specialists. 
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Источник Fesenko reminded that those liable for military service must report to the military enlistment office about all the changes that occur in life: from a change of residence before surgery. Plot Partial mobilization in Russia

In Crimea, about 400 people were returned home, who were mistakenly called up as part of partial mobilization, according to the website of the government of the republic. There should be a mark that the person is unfit for health reasons, the status will change. And the person will not receive a summons, — Fesenko stressed. He noted that the military registration and enlistment office simply could not have known about this situation.