Willie The Kid – Bad Mistake Lyrics (feat. The Alchemist)

Japanese holidays of pouring plum wine
There’s floral notes, couple carats and a broach
Corsages, cherry blossoms
We countin’ money at the count pound
Surrounded by my concubines [?]
Massages, deep tissue, throw this money like a temper tantrum
Rap NinJitsu, all my niggas ninja smith
[Verse 2: The Alchemist]
Push fate [?], write ransom notes
(Ransom notes)
Take down a gazelle, lassoin’ animals
(Lassoin’ animals)
Hunt, split the fruit, carve the meat out of your cantaloupe
(Hunt… out of your cantaloupe)
Heavy pocket increase with every stance awoke
(Every stance awoke)
Resin on the roach drippin’, my approach different
(My approach different)
Top ranked division, fine [?] decision
While I coach kids, carry tradition
(Check, check)
Dig a hole, bury a bitch in it, like a mariachi carry instruments
(You know, you know)
We display Cabernet, create a slight hindrance
Bum fights, run lights, dumb nights, but light beaker wins
(Uh, uh, what?)
I click and you still dime and nickelin’
Black shades sit on the court like Jack Nicholson
(Like Jack Nicholson)
Pass the rock in hand, it’s slippery, return to sending on delivery
Legacy stretch beyond a century
Up and comers wait in the wings, be on eventually
(Be on eventually)
I piss on your penmanship, shit on the [?]
(On the [?])
[Outro: movie sample]
f**kin’ right you made a bad mistake
Every morning [Intro: movie sample]
f**kin’ right, you made a bad mistake
[Verse 1: Willie the Kid]
The f**k-
Said um
Yeah, I’m never hosting parasites
I’m poking holes in your parachute
Cop a nice pair of shoes and move it smooth like a barracuda do
Carry guns that a roof of caribou
It’s bubonic how the plague spread, spread wings, spread legs
California king sized bed and ringside I watch the circus
Wenches got a surplus, slide across the surface
A nice plethora, they pledge allegiance, serve a purpose
Pill and plentied money, diamonds like a box of Good and Plenty’s
Acquire taste to black licorice, cause soon the henny
Puff cigars, sick and we smoke, but focus not
Why can’t you choke and throw in off the docks in Okinawa?

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