What Does It Mean to Dream of Someone Drowning?

Drowning in a dream is traumatic. When you see someone else drowning, it can be even worse. If you are unable to save them, you feel helpless and desperate. This is certainly the case if you actually know the individual in your dreams. When you dream of someone drowning, it can mean a number of different things. To figure out the true meaning, you have to look at how you feel in the dream, who is drowning and exactly what happens next.

Dreaming that you are personally drowning tends to show that you are overwhelmed by your feelings. A repressed emotion or experience from the past may be coming back to haunt you. The dream shows that you are in the process of trying to unearth your subconscious thoughts, but you are moving too quickly with them. The sense of drowning is because you should move slower as you learn to understand these feelings. If you die from drowning, it actually shows an emotional rebirth. Meanwhile, surviving the experience shows that a situation or relationship in your real life will survive the turmoil that you currently feel.

What If It Is Someone Else Drowning?

When you dream of someone drowning other than yourself, it often shows that you are becoming too involved in something. There may be a situation where you have become too involved in everything that is happening, and it feels like everything is beyond your control. You feel like you are drowning in your dream because you feel like you are drowning in your real life.

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Another reason why you may dream of someone drowning is because it feels like you are losing your identity. This type of thing often happens when you become involved with someone romantically. It is easy to lose your own sense of identity as you become wrapped up in your identity as a couple. While this is understandable and quite common, it can make your own emotional and mental health take a nosedive. It feels like you are losing yourself and are unable to differentiate who you actually are.

What If You Rescue Someone From Drowning?

As we mentioned before, the dreams about someone drowning can really vary in meaning depending on what actually happens in the dream. When you are rescuing someone from drowning, it shows something entirely different than when someone is just drowning in the dream. In this case, it generally demonstrates that you have succeeded in recognizing the emotions and characteristics represented by the victim. You are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and to truly understand your feelings. Now, you are able to accept help from others and are able to maintain your identity within the relationship.

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When you dream that you are rescuing someone from drowning and fail, then it shows a sense of fear. You may be numb with fear in your real life, which is preventing you from taking action. The fear is holding you back, so you have to figure out which situation causing this feeling to happen.

In the majority of cases, a dream about drowning is a sign that you have gotten too deep into something or you have gone father than you should have. You have to take a step back and analyze your life to see what it could mean. Often, the person who is drowning shows the person or situation that you are too deeply involved in. They or the situation they represent may be clouding your life. It is causing you to be imbalanced emotionally, physically and mentally. Because of all this, it is hard for you to find the peace that you need and to be happy.

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There are different variations of this dream, and they all have slightly different meanings. We will cover some of the most common dream variations on drowning that you may encounter.

Sinking: If you are sinking in the dream, it may mean that you are being weighed down by the stress and burdens in your life. It could also mean that there is a relationship or project that is on its last legs. The dream may be trying to tell you that the situation is sinking, and you need to jump ship before it is too late.

Baths: If you are drowning in a bath tub, it may show that there is a hidden depth to your emotions. While your emotions initially seem shallow like the tub, there are further depths for you to explore.

Drowning at Sea: Drowning in the ocean shows that there may be an obstacle in your path. You may feel like it is difficult to keep moving forward because this obstacle is blocking your way. Before you can end this type of dream, you have to figure out what the obstacle is and develop a plan for solving it.

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