Tret Fure – The Wedding Song lyrics

Love is something none of us
Should ever take for granted
Love is something that we often do
It can shake you to the core
And it can turn the planet
Or it can sneak up in an old soft shoe
In the moments that we’re hardest hit
When life gets in the way
Always keep in mind the vows we vow to keep
I will love you in the waking hours,
The hours of the day
I will love you more each night we fall asleep

Chorus: Don’t lose sight
Don’t feel bound
Just give thanks for the love we’ve found
Take my hand
Take my heart
And I will keep the prayer to never walk apart

Love is how you say my name
The secrets that we share
Love is how you see into my soul
The way you smile, the way you stand
The color of your hair
Most of all the way our lives unfold
Through the years we grow together
Tried and tried to true
I will strive to keep you safe in every way
I will love you like I’ve never loved, tender only you
I will love you each and every single day


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