Shotta – No Pueden Comprarme Lyrics

No pueden compararme
Y son aquellos que te pisotean, materialistas de mierda
No pueden compararme
¡Así que chupa, chupa, así que chupa chupa! Editoriales, la furgo, los viajes, las fotos, las firmas, el sonido
El ensayo, el momento, el directo y tú y yo
Yo salgo y lo doy to
Si no llega la frase afónico me cago en Dios
No me compares, Hijo de Satanás
No aparques tu 4×4, desaparecerá
Hay algunas tías que se venden por un gramo, digo nada pa mí
Quieres drogarte y solo te venden Gelocatil…
Si las pirámides te gustan tengo Egipto pa ti
Y un niño ciego en el estomago de parte de mí
Vete a la Antique y baila funky, eso no es funky hijo puta! No pueden compararme
Y son aquellos que te pisotean, materialistas de mierda
No pueden compararme
¡Así que chupa, chupa, así que chupa chupa! [Verso 2]
Dámelo, ¿me quieren comprar? Pa que cambie la esencia has de matarme
Y después resucitarme pa que vuelva a enseñarte
No pueden compararme
Y menos con sus cheques y sus corbatas feas de pureta
No pueden compararme
Así que chupa chupa, así que chupa chupa! ¿Vas a cambiarte el nombre de tu grupo una vez más y lo vas a intentar? [Verso 1]
Dámelo, esto sale de un sitio en el que no hay playa
El culo de España, aquí se está bien vaya, escucha y calla
Cállate y saluda a tu vecino
En Sevilla te desmayas y seguro que alguien se para, primo
No puedes comprarme con detalles, campeón
Soy feliz con espaguetis, ¿sabe o no? esto de mensaje tiene mucho
Mi flow pa comprarlo tienes que empeñar a tu madre y punto
Línea final, se me olvido la coma
Coma, coma, coma, coma, ¡Que me la coma! Me voy a comprar un loro pa enseñarle insultos
Y fumar petardos al lado de él pa que me pegue sustos
¡Inculto! pagaras tus multas
Ya puedes copiar tu yankee favorito
Estéticamente porque ese rollo no existe, ¿me explico? [Intro]
Bien, muy bien, si peña, seguimos aquí… en el 95.pecho trayendo la mejor mierda que existe en esta puta jodida atmósfera
Y ahora desde Sevilla nos llega una brutal hecatombe… llamada el puto Shotta… y el titulo de la desgracia es algo así como… ¡No pueden comprarme! Vuelvo, lleno mi habitación de ron
Enumera las drogas que tomo fuera pa sentirte mejor
No puedes comprar mi estilo ni por un millón, cerdo
Prepotente porque observo
Como el millonario es millonario y el pobre se muere de hambre
Y digo el mundo es lamentable, so-solo quedará el recuerdo…
¡Se han cortao las comunicaciones ya! Recalentamiento global, son mis canciones un manantial
Nena, yo soy tu peo vaginal
Mi flow pesao como un balón medicinal
Y no-pueden-comprarme solo
Limitarse a escucharme y fumarme
Alcalde voy a robarte y pintarte en la puerta tal vez
Con un plata y un dorao Shotta en letras grandes
Tol mundo tiene un precio delante, clavé
Mi flow es Marte, que ¿vas a pagarme? Hienas de Nigeria, de la periferia en tu ruta
Yo puedo desfasar, y si me paseo… olvídalo puta
¿Te sientes grande avasallando y abusando? [Coro]
No pueden compararme
Y menos con sus cheques y sus corbatas feas de pureta
No pueden compararme
¡Así que chupa chupa, así que chupa chupa!


Keybone – Nobody Does lyrics

Hey, Dr Jazz, turn me up
Let show these fools how we do it on the west side
For we all know it’s the best side
Ride with me, let’s ride!

Nobody Does It Like We Do
Nobody Does
Nobody Does It Like We Do
Nobody Does

I told you bro, they will want to know how we roll
How hard we go, yet just going pro, just so you will know
They are all snakes and fakes, They ain’t got nothing to offer
Got them running for the cover, I ain’t Yemi’s lover
Neither am I trying to be that father figure
I will rather see God than to see the wack live
Take a vac, leave! If that’s you, I have got a clue
Some things will never change, but this will and that’s true
Some other Kings were trained, but his skills in Dad’s shoes
It’s all baby steps, I drink what my old lady preps
Think about life and crazy celebs
I’m more about money, cash and banks we can stash those
Move up the ranks, give thanks, abash foes
Nobody knows how your trash goes
But now they know how the best does, don’t come and test us
We are in the kitchen, cooking hits for investors

Nobody Does It Like We Do
Nobody Does
Nobody Does It Like We Do
Nobody Does

Nobody bursts thus, they could hurt their vocal chords
Nothing but local gawds, trust me, it’s all hype
It’s just me, I’m alright, I don’t need no favors
I’m way sharper than razors, other rappers they play are soft
X-Ray us, but they can’t find “Chi-chi”
I’m long gone in an Audi tt, unstoppable, I’m untoppable
I’m topping my game everyday while you are comical
Before you crop into my aim, check where you are coming to
A straight shooter, dreaming like Martin Luther
Ladies screaming like he is Freddy Krueger, Dr Jazz is the producer
Keybone is the maestro, running things like on hydro
Only a psycho will think funny or micro
Wherever I go they want to know my viewpoint
Especially on a new joint, Rather than jumping
Make sure you will be humping, I’m all yours
The floor’s yours, so be bumping

Nobody Does It Like We Do
Nobody Does
Nobody Does It Like We Do
Nobody Does

Someone’s been asking what they see in us
Could it be because we are indigenous, is that why they are digging us?
We keep it icy and spicy, all about the jolly, we have got the lolly
I’m from the west of Nigeria, never hailed from Cali
Now you have heard from the horse’s mouth
Kick all of your sources out
They are rumor mongers and have no place amongst us
I’m way stronger now, even looking younger, how?
They want to know my secret, but they can’t keep it
Setting the bar higher, so they can’t leap it
They call it game, got in it for the fame
I came for the claim, that’s why I’m spitting flames
Hitting lames and switching lanes, till they can’t keep up
They slip up, they ain’t got nothing on rap and hip hop
This is what we do, and surely there’s a sequel
Africa’s magic, west side, no equals

Nobody Does It Like We Do
Nobody Does
Nobody Does It Like We Do
Nobody Does


Uche Maduagwu slams Moyo Lawal over her viral nude photo

Actor Uche Maduagwu has reacted to the nude photo made available on social media by actress Moyo Lawal.

Read what he wrote below;

”Please what messages are you passing to our kids with this pics? @moyolawalofficial What is happening to Nollywood? You’ll go semi NUDE on social media, and when your followers express their opinion, you’ll say they are “Cyber bullies”…???

Seriously? Is this the way forward? Should pics like this be allowed and applauded in our society? Let me make something very clear, i honestly think @moyolawalofficial is a very nice woman, and a great actress…?? But what i frown at is this pics, I’m curious, like seriously, what is the lesson or messages behind it? Have you forgotten that you are some people’s role model?

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Have you forgotten that some kids actually look up to you as their mentor? I know some people will still say, “oh this is beautiful and sexy”, some would even say “its not a big deal because Kim Kadashian also goes NUDE”, excuse me, Kim is an American, in her country, going NUDE is synonymous to #fashion, nobody really cares… ???

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This is Nigeria, we care, in fact, “over care” is worrying us because our MOTHERS never did this, we care because we have an age long Culture and tradition that does not permit this act… We care because we are a country of beautiful people, both men and women who believes in MODESTY.

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This kind of thing should be frowned at and not encouraged, going Nude or semi nude does not make you #beautiful as a woman, your beauty is in your #HEART and mind. #repost #body #Mua#nollywood #pics #Nigeria #blogger #Lagos #instagram #lifestyle #instapic #Uk #smile#quote #tbt #dailyquote #naija #post #actor #love #share #music #africa #regrann #facebook#quotes #model


British Council Residential Story Making West Africa workshop 2018 (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: February 21st 2018

British Council in collaboration with the
African Storybook Initiative invites writers and illustrators to participate in a
residential workshop for the production of mother-tongue based multilingual storybooks. The workshop is a component of the broader Story Making West Africa project which aims to promote the arts, education and mother-tongue based multilingual education in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Story Making West Africa workshop pilots an initiative to create stories in indigenous languages and is an opportunity for individual West African writers and illustrators to contribute to the production of these storybooks at any African Storybook reading level, in indigenous languages and English.
Workshop Output 1: Up to 20 draft story manuscripts with ten manuscripts selected for publishing. Each manuscript will consist of 12-page stories in at least two languages (an indigenous African language and English).
Workshop Output 2: Illustrators draw and colour five sets of illustrations (that is, five story manuscripts).

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The 5-day workshop will bring together participants in Abuja, Nigeria from 12 to 16 March 2018 from Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Ghana and will be facilitated by trainers from the African Storybook initiative. The workshop will be fully funded by the British Council inclusive of travel, accommodation and a small stipend as per diems.

Applications will be evaluated against the following criteria:

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Interested writers and illustrators must be a resident of any West Africa country living and working in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal or Sierra Leone; and are required to complete the online application meeting the criteria above using this link by midnight 21 February 2018


Please note:
Only successful applicants will be contacted by 1st March 2018
Selected participants must be available to travel for the workshop from 11th to 17th March 2018 and must be able to get a short term insurance to cover their stay in Nigeria
Illustrators will be expected to attend the workshop with a laptop installed with their preferred illustration software.



Chai! Masquerade seriously flogs members of the Lord’s Chosen church (video)

This is serious, a video trending online shows a masquerade flogging members of the Lord’s Chosen church as they were busy carrying out their street evangelism.

In the video, the members of the church can be seen dressed in their usual neon green apron, walking the street. Soon, a masquerade is seen flogging the church members as they scatter to safety, with some jumping into a nearby bush.

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The young men who make up the masquerade’s entourage can be seen in the video cheering him as the flogging continues. There is a second masquerade at the scene but he was not part of the flogging.

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Watch the video below.


Download Instrumental: Patoranking – Available (Beat By BrymesBeat)

Listen and download patoranking available instrumental free beat produced by brymesbeat, available is one of patoranking Viral and hit song in Nigeria and african hip hop scene. Get this instrumental and use it for free.

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Download Instrumental: Patoranking – No Kissing Baby (Beat By S’Bling)

Download and Listen to patoranking no kissing baby instrumental freebeat featuring sarkodie produced by beat producer and music director s’bling. This is one of patoranking viral hit track that brought him to limelight in Nigeria and all over africa.

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Download Instrumental: Patoranking – My Woman ft Wande Coal

Listen and download patoranking my woman instrumental free beat presented to you by this is one of patoranking earliest and viral trending hip hop hits featuring wande coal in Nigeria,

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Download Instrumental + Hook: Burna Boy – Heaven Gate ft Lily Allen

Listen and download burna boy heaven gate instrumental featuring lily allen, this great music is one of the dop hip hop afrobeat music burna boy has released, He added a unique sensational touch to this Nigeria song while featuring a foreign artist.

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Download Instrumental: Simi – Tiff (Beat by Oscar Heman-Ackah)

Listen and download this wonderful simi tiff instrumental free beat produced by oscar heman-ackah and it is a wonderful hip hop afrobeat type Nigeria music by one of the best female music artistes in Nigeria and Africa.

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