Diplo & Others To Appear On New ‘Celebrity Show-Off’ TV Series

Celebrities taking part include Diplo, Ja Rule, Action Bronson, Gabi Butler, Dwight Howard, […]
This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Diplo & Others To Appear On New ‘Celebrity Show-Off’ TV Series But, a new TBS series is taking advantage of the do-it-from-home mentality with a new show called Celebrity Show-Off. right now due to COVID-19. Obviously TV networks aren’t airing reality competition shows like Family Feud or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


JAY-Z and Beyonce Drop Star-Studded Cinematic “Family Feud” Video

JAY-Z and Beyonce delivered a star-studded cinematic video for “Family Feud.”

The short film-themed cut is what everyone on social media is talking about this weekend after the couple premiered it on TIDAL on Friday night. The stunning visual features some big name stars including Omari Hardwick, Jessica Chastain, Thandie Newton, America Ferrera, Michael B. Jordan, Rashida Jones, Mindy Kaling, Constance Wu, Brie Larson, Rosario Dawson, and many more. This is the first video from the album 4:44 that JAY-Z is making a cameo in and his wife Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy Carter also appeared in the cut.

The video gets underway with a quote from James Baldwin that reads, “The wretched of the earth do not decide to become extinct, they resolve, on the contrary, to multiply: life is their weapon against life, life all that they have.”

The video begins in a setting dated to the year 2444 which pays homage to the album title and 4 is a significant number for JAY-Z. The storyline chronicles across several generations including the year 2050 where Susan Kelechi Watson plays an older Blue Ivy who was among a group of women who revised the Constitution. “America is a family and the whole family should be free,” Watson said. “It’s like I remember my father saying when I was a little girl: Nobody wins when the family feuds.”

Perhaps the most talked about part of the video is when JAY-Z, Blue Ivy, and Beyonce goes to church and the couple went into the confession booth with Hov on one side and his wife on the other side. The overall theme of the album 4:44 is one of confession with Hov admitting to infidelity and even going public about his mother being a lesbian. We’ve already seen nine other videos from the album and I guess the rap legend saved the best for last.

Watch the video for “Family Feud” by JAY-Z and Beyonce below.

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How Drake Cleverly Ended Meek Mill Beef On “Family Feud” With Lil Wayne

Drake may have just made a bold move to end his beef with Meek Mill.

The rappers have been beefing since 2015 when the Philly rapper fired off some tweets about Drizzy using a ghostwriter to pen his raps. Little did he know what was to come after that rant on social media. We’ve since learned that he did it because Nicki Minaj broke up with him and he wanted to get back at her. Of course, Drake emerged the victor from that feud using two fiery diss track including the Grammy-nominated single “Back To Back” and it took Meek days to respond with a diss track that earned him even more Ls.

Since then, both Drake and Meek Mill did their own interviews where they both admitted that they might never be friends ever again and their feud may just turn out to be forever. On Friday, Lil Wayne drops his new collaboration with his protege, “Family Feud,” and Drizzy used the opportunity to extend an olive branch of the sort to his foe who is now incarcerated on a 2-4 years prison sentence for probation violation.

“I need my paper long like “A Milli” verse, Or, too long like a sentence from a Philly judge, F**k is the point in all the beefing when we really blood, Nobody wins when the family feuds, ni**a,” Drake raps in his lengthy freestyle verse. In another line, he hinted that he isn’t really calling a truce, but nevertheless, he is sympathetic towards Meek Mill over his unjust sentencing. “But this isn’t all about calling truce, I’m still dishing out verbal abuse, That sh*t could get re-introduced if somebody got something they urging to prove, ni**a,” he continues to rap.

Since the height of their beef in the summer of 2015, both rappers have been taking subliminal shots at each other in their songs, but this is the first clear signs that they could make peace. Drake also took a jab at Donald Trump on the “Family Feud (Remix)” as well as stated that he wishes he could fix Lil Wayne beef with Cash Money/Universal Music. “Ayy, tell me if TD bank is approving loans, I’m thinking about paying Wayne what Universal owes, My ni**a spend a lifetime going platinum and gold,” Drizzy raps.

Do you think Drake and Meek Mill will make peace anytime soon?

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Drake Links With Lil Wayne On “Family Feud” Off “Dedication 6” Part 2

Drake links up with his mentor Lil Wayne on “Family Feud” off Dedication 6 mixtape part two.

When Wayne dropped Dedication 6 on Christmas Day everyone was left wondering where is that Drake, but fret not he is still holding it down the fort. The two Young Money rappers collaborated on a remix for JAY-Z‘s 4:44 single, “Family Feud” and its fire. Weezy did hinted last weekend that there will be a second part of the mixtape. Drizzy debut the single on his Instagram page on Friday, just moments after Hov drop the full video for the original single on TIDAL.

The single is a bit of a freestyle with the two rap titans trading bars on two lengthy verses where they both showcase their lyrical prowess. In his verse, Drake gave Colin Kaepernick and his former foe Diddy a shout-out and surprisingly he took a jab at Lil Wayne’s ongoing legal battle with Cash Money Records. Drizzy also namedrops Donald Trump in his verse in a bold move from the Canadian rapper. “If I ever see Trump he better salute ni**as, Much as we do ni**a, For real,” he raps.

Lil Wayne once again proved why he is one of the greatest of all time in hip hop with a fire verse. “On my god, lightning striking twice in this place, Should we make a wish or should we make it right in this place?, All these mother f***ing beef, I need some rice on this plate, Talked to your wifey today, she feeling triflin’ she say,” Weezy raps.

Chance The Rapper name Lil Wayne as the Michael Jackson of rap music in a bold claim on Twitter. While some fans agrees with his assessment, there are others who say he is reaching with that claim. Nevertheless, Weezy is one of the greatest that ever take up a microphone and rap.

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JAY-Z and Beyonce Goes To Confession In “Family Feud” Video With Blue Ivy

JAY-Z and Beyonce goes to confession in the video for “Family Feud.”

Hov has released a video for almost every single on his new album 4:44 and now fans are excited about the new cut for “Family Feud” because Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter will be in it. The rap legend previewed the video on Twitter on Thursday. This comes just weeks after JAY-Z did an interview where he opened up for the first time about cheating on Beyonce. This

In the cinematic teaser, you can see the rap legend and Blue Ivy walking in a church before he took a seat in the confessional booth. You then see footage of Beyonce also in the church and other footage of a man and a woman making out while her vocals play in the background. The full video is currently available on TIDAL and will be available on Vevo by next week.

JAY-Z wrapped up his hugely successful 4:44 Tour in Los Angeles last weekend at a sold out crowd at the The Forum. The tour grossed over $45 million despite early reports of low tickets sales, making it his highest grossing solo tour to date. Watch a preview of the video for “Family Feud” below and catch the full version on TIDAL.

.@S_C_’s “Family Feud” x 12/29 x #TIDAL:

— TIDAL (@TIDAL) December 28, 2017

Beyonce and Hov in the family feud video…im glad they picked my fav song to show their faces finally

— Gage (@KingGage_) December 28, 2017

how did I miss this video? where is this video? when did this come out? is my day going to devolve into latent standom?! I'm so shaken right now.

— Mikelle Street (@MikelleStreet) December 28, 2017

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Sean Price – Imperius Rex

Mic check
Peck, peck on Bernadette neck
Big breasts, I’m erect
Let’s have some sex
Uh… titties feel the best now
I can…
…Yo, yo yo hold on
Yo, what the fuck man?
Fuck is you talkin’ ’bout man?
Spit that monkey shit, nigga
We gorillas, nigga
Ape don’t kill ape
Yo spit that real shit, nigga

[Verse 1]
Yo… P!
I Chewbacca’d your chicken
Chin checkin’ your chest
Get chopped champ
Got stamped by the Boot from the Camp
I’m provin’ I can, I’m provin’ you fake
Like you movin’ them grams
Of Peruvian flakes
I am truly a ape
Caesar the leader
Put two in ya face (BONG PONG)
Bleed where I leave ya
Do deeds of a demon
You do deeds of a diva
Sarafina, Abner Louima
Bieber’s a cleaner
Believe what I feed ya
I feed the believers
Knowledge Wisdom Understanding
Sativa’s a creepa
College, prison, gun in hand
Put ya seed in a sleeper
Got a vision
Summer Jam
With my speech in the speakers


I’m not Martin Luther (Luther)
I’m flop corner loser
On the block poppin’ Rugers (BONG BONG PONG)
I’m not Martin Luther
I’m flop corner loser
On the block sparkin’ Buddha

[Verse 2]
You wanna see me get rude? P!
Most definite
Effortless when spittin’ these degrees
Ruckus rule shit, get down when the tool click
Tool spit back
Impact is like a mule kick
P nice and funky fire
I will fuck you up
He Cipher Monkey Cipher
Medicated, dedicated bastard
Attain the Educated Rapper
Clowns be seated
Bow down to the world renown
Brownsville Jesus
Damage a dude
Sleep ya brother’s keeper
Peep the Family Feud
Listen Pa, I am not in the mood
Watch you step
Get ’em Bob
Shot him right in the shoes
The rhyme is incredible, king
I do floss
The mind is a terrible thing
To Lou Rawls