Rayland Baxter – The Woman For Me Lyrics

Never in my lifetime have these eyes of mine
Been fortunate to see the woman for me
But I hang around this old town
Dealin’ with the same crowds in the street
Will I ever see
You can find me on the hillside lookin’ all around
Or out there by the oak trees on the edges of town
It don’t matter where I go
It don’t matter what I see
Cuz I ain’t ever gonna find the woman for me
She moves just like the springtime
And she’s quiet like the voices in the wind
That never end
When she calls me I come runnin’
It don’t matter where I am
Cuz I am her man
We go out for a long walk by the dreamer’s sea
But the only footprints in the sand are left by me
From the top of the mountain
To the bottom of the sea
Tell me lord where do I find the woman for me
Well I thought I got a hold of her
Back when I was young enough to fall for a crazy girl
But time went by and I found that
I was nothing more than just a boy in a crazy world
And I got dirt on my face and I’m losin’ my mind
I been swimmin’ through this desert for the longest time
No matter where I go
No matter what I see
She’s always on the other side
The woman
Oh the woman for me