Michael Card – Valley Of Dry Bones Lyrics

Valley Of Dry Bones Lyrics

Behold a valley filled with bones
Bones on every side
A valley vast, a floor so full
Of bones so very dry

The Lord did ask, Can these bones live?
Might these bones rise once more?
What else was I to say but you alone can tell O, Lord.

A legion I will rise
A resurrected army
A living holy host of a people born again

Then prophesy O son of man
Cry out to this dead hord
And when they come to life again
They’ll know I am The Lord

And when I spoke what I was told
There came a rattling sound
As bone to bone they formed a mass of bodies on the

The dead will come alive
Their graves will lie abandoned
And all who dwelleth in the dust will wake and shout for

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