Lovell – Watcha Gonna Do Lyrics (feat. Loe)

(Chorus)Watcha Gonna Do when THE MAN comes for you, your position will be sad and blue, you know that’s true my Nigga, just keep on thuggin you’ll do time or even worse, your body’s deep in the dirt, your soul will leave this earth, now what’s the street life really worth? (Chorus)…. Verse(2) You can lose who you are, riding with the finest broads freely breaking the law, riding in flashy cars, you think you’ll go really far, but when then peoples raid your place and put you on your face, now your life is waste, that’s when you’ll surely remember, that the flash never mattered, now your life is so shattered…(Chorus)….Rap line…. Watcha Gonna Do, when them piggies come for you, showin off money on these networks when did you pay your dues……” Verse(1) The game will get you high and I can’t deny the feeling of ecstasy when you gettin big money, the feeling is so elating, but you never know when you’re movin the blow who’s your ride or die, cuz your main man fifty grand done switched up sides, he’s made some side deal now he’s ready to squeal on you!!!

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