Kelsea Ballerini – Unapologetically Lyrics

Unapologetically Lyrics

They’re gonna say I fell too fast
They’re gonna say it’s never gonna last and
Before it’s too late, I should just back away
Yeah, they’re gonna say that
He ain’t the kind to hold my hand
He ain’t gonna try to understand
Nothing under the surface
He’s just looking for a pretty face

But they got it all wrong
I got it all right
They say they just don’t see it
But I saw it at first sight

And I’m unapologetically in love
And that’s unapologetically enough
No matter where it takes me
Even if it breaks me
I’m unapologetically all in
From the second that I started falling
And it don’t even faze me
When they call me crazy
I’m unapologetically in love
I’m unapologetically in love, mmm, mmm

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