Ill Mitch – Favorite Cereals Lyrics

He had a robotic hook or like, laser eyes or something
I think they have crunch berries with
Peanut butter modification
Cookie crisp…
That’s the
That’s the uh…
That’s that one cereal that’s endorsed by the criminal
My favorite cereal is fruity pebbles
With whipped cream instead of milk
I fill it up with whipped cream
And I pour the fruity pebbles in there
I splash in just a little bit of a Snickers They had the sog monsters that would come
And they’d shoot their lasers off
They think they’re robots
I think…
Didn’t we find out that the captain was actually a robot? Some of my favorite cereals are;
Sugar frosted wheat squares
One cereal called ‘Fast Charms’
There is a small green god as the spokesperson
‘Religious Charms?’
I don’t know how it translates
I think they have small marshmallows in them shaped like weapons
Purple mushrooms, grey castles, you know something like that
There was one cereal called ‘Counting Chocolate’
They had the vampire god, the Croatian count
I like the individual ‘snack-packs’
The cinnamon toast crunch is
Is the only cereal I know of that glitters
I’ve always been into boats
And the captain character I can really identify with
Are those the sog monsters?