Ghostemane – I duckinf hatw you Lyrics

What a waste! (Nobody wants you, nobody wants you)
When am I gonna learn there’s never gonna be a forever for me a letter from me delivered to me? Teaming up with demons instead of trying to defeat them looking shawty in the eyes sayin’ “Take it or leave it”
Ima keep it under wraps that I a rap maybe then she won’t become a demon either and we can live in another reality count on me to Fuck it up, fuck it up! What a waste! What a waste! [Pre-Outro: Ghostemane]
(I was 15, following my dreams, holes in my jeans)
(Daddy hated everything, but his pills, got his thrills)
(With his finger in my face, in my face)
(Then he’d said, “What a waste, what a waste, what a waste–”)
[Outro: Ghostemane]
What a waste! [Bridge: Ghostemane]
I’m no fucking God! What a waste! What a waste! What a waste! What a waste! Shouldn’t I be? (Nothing)
Literally a million other reasons I gotta pretend I’m ok
But I’m not I’m not, I’m not! I’m not fucking happy, I’m never happy! What you want, bitch I’m nothin but a notch
I went diggin’ thru my lungs this is all I really got
When am I gonna learn to give it all up? What a waste! Play this song
[Intro: Ghostemane]
(No, no, no, no, NO!)
Fuck love
I don’t want none, I don’t want love
I’ll be blunt I’m a time bomb
(Tick, tick, tick)
[Verse: Ghostemane]
You say I’m a God
But I know I’m not
Why do I feel like? Never not the case, level 11 mage, I got it all made
Shouldn’t I be happy? What a waste! No! What a waste!

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