David Dondero – Rubber Tree Cane Lyrics

Why’d you have to just get bored? When I heard the train, I put on my shoes
Skittered out the door ,4 a.m., cat was sleeping and the crickets roared
When I got down there to station
Train was gone, place was closed
There was no one
Thought for sure it was the one you were on
And I know the sky will fall, it rides with the rain
And I know my only crutch is a rubber tree cane
A rubber tree cane
There’s no bridge over troubled water, we all gotta swim
Standing on the bank here and I’ll cannonball right in
Well, why’d you have to lose your interest? All along I think I knew it
It just hurt to be ignored
When I heard the train
I thought of you and wrote a song
I thought for sure it was the one
Was the one, was the one you were on

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