Chantella – I Miss You lyrics

I miss you.

The pillow on your side of the bed is cold.
Because the warmth from you is no longer there.
Whenever I think I hear something scary from the darkness
I reach for you, and then I’m made to remember everything.

Your life was very special to me. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Even though you’re no longer here, you live on in my heart.
I’ll never be able to handle this kind of parting.
Everytime I was suffering you were right here.
And I worried about your health.
And I was worried that this would happen.

[Chorus 1]
Why…why did you take him, God?
In the name of Jesus, I want to see him again.

Even though you aren’t here, I can still hear your voice.
I can still feel your soft, long, black hair.
Your final words keep playing over and over again (in my head)
I know that you were taken to a better place, but this is painful.

I know that you’re in heaven, and that you’re protecting me and everyone.
I hope we can meet again soon. I wanna hug you. I wanna hear your deep voice.
I never ever wanted to see your grave. Not like this…
I don’t want just memories of your smile, I want to actually see it.

[Chorus 2]
Thank you for the memories.
For everytme I got angry, I’m so sorry.

[Chorus 3]
Thank you for loving me.
Even though you’re no longer here,
You live on in my heart.

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