Carnage – Back That lyrics

Ay, huh
Cheefer roll
Chubby nigga with a lot of hoes
First nigga to fuck a fat bitch
In a fat whip
With the top swole
You ride high nigga
We ride low
My niggas smokin extendos
But I don’t smoke, lo siento
My asthma is *cough cough*

[Verse 1]
My bitch playing Nintendo
White bitch, virgo
Big tits, nice ass
She stay drunk off that Clicquot
Nigga nigga, I’m patient
Always taking medication
Thirsty bitches stay chasin’
They want to get in my basement
Got Ling Ling, she Asian
Lil’ Toya, she Cajun
Bored with them bitches
So I fucked a caucasian
Bitches down with the fornication
Shawty down with the chubby mason
So we down, no altercation
Fucked the clique, that’s dedication

We got the money
We got the hoes
We got the drink
We got the dro
We fitted up
You fitted down
Now hold it up, baby
And I’m gonna lay it down
But for now

Back that thing up for your nigga
Back that thing
Back that thing up for your nigga
Back back
Back that thing up for your nigga
Back that thing
Back that thing up for your nigga
Back that thing up for your nigga

[Verse 2]
Cause shawty looking so good
She fucking with a young nigga
Her top game so good
She a bad bitch with a good brain
Her ass game so true
But she a ratchet bitch with an attitude
And her game works on you
But no not me, oh no not me
So baby go touch your knees
Drop it low, while I spend that dough
Baby, work that pole for a nigga like me
Go on make that money
Break that money
Flip that shit and go raise that money
Bag that money
Take that money
Cause niggas like me stay rich
Chubby nigga with dough
Throwing money like “whoa!”
Make that ass clap on a nigga real slow

Damn that booty go

[Verse 3]
Go on and arch that back girl
Cause I’m finna get it in
You finna come on in
And fuck with a real nigga
In the back seat of my Benz
Now make it work
Red alert
Back it up and make it hurt
And back that thing up for a G
Cause, baby



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