Brian Beckford – Sleeping lyrics

Where did you go this afternoon?
Is it them? Is it you?
Is it fair that you know the truth,
And you’re singing the blues in the cold?

They never called me a rocket man.
No one ever called my name.
Paint me a portrait of your plans,
Pretty pretty please.

They always were sleeping awake.
They always would sleep in the day.
We cry.

How can you know what to do,
If you haven’t a clue?
When you’re wrapped in a bow,
You’re gonna glow,
Like a lamp on Kilimanjaro.

How do I open my eyes in due time?
Eye of the tiger now I’m the son of a king,
Have no pity, pity, please.

Once upon a time on a new day, I was left alone in a new way.
Hiding underground in the night shade,
I would come around but I was too afraid.
Opened up my heart to a new mind,
Sending all the lost to a new find.
Tried it on my own, but I still failed.
Tried to come aboard when the ship sailed,
I can’t take no more.

And it feels like everything is falling apart;
I know this life ain’t meant to be lived in constant monotony.

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