Bernard Krahne – I’m Not Sure She Likes Me lyrics

[Verse 1]
If I drop tooth paste on the bathroom *floor *
Or Leave the toilet seat up she gets a little *sore
*When I’m cooking she’s knows that pan will end up burnt
She gets mad when I leave the dog *outside
I salute her and say, “I’m not perfect” little *bride
She keeps trying to train me but somehow, I just don’t *learn *

I know she loves me but I’m not sure she likes me
Don’t get me wrong we’re pretty darn happy
But she must think I can be house broken
And says I’m like a kid who’s six years old
“& Maybe instead of giving her grief
It be smarter to do what I’m told
I know she loves me but I’m not sure she likes me

[Verse 2]
Same old story she’s saying I don’t listen
I’m a con artist I can really wash dishes
But not everything’s my fault, you should see the way she drives
I just grin and bear it & pretend I don’t see
Crack some bad jokes, and grab on to my seat-
Then say I’m going fishing here’s your shopping bribe
Repeat chorus

It might seem like we fight day in and day out
But for me and her it’s just a playful round about

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