Barz Da Lyricist – Benji Lyrics

Young Jason was walking down the street ..boulevard was hard , no facade
He was eleven , constantly stepping , a crew he reppin , they were a weapon , tell you what’s next then? He wanted to be sly wanted to catch them by surprise. Tell you what’s next then ..there were some lessons ..Begin this session
Verse: see at age seven , mom and dad they went to heaven , inthe midst of stray bullets , from some violence In their distance. The mess that took place all sparked over a benji. His heartbeat was racing , anger on the rise. violating codes not talking about da Vinci
One group was madddd cuz some members came up empty , they wanted 100 dollars , but the members gave them 50 and quickly thingssss started getting a little iffy
Shots everywhere even at kids within 6 feet , now 6 feet under are Jason’s father and his mother and in critical condition was Jason’s younger brother
He was up under his mother’s arms as she was bleeding out , all this happened from a benji got these victims screaming out
So age eleven Jason joins some guys , he wanted to retaliate for all the lost lives. a dark quiet night that transformed into a frenzy. His group was all for it , he said they had close ties but they took him to an alley and shot him 6 times
Gasping for air ,gasping for air gasping for air he realized they didn’t care
Their souls were empty, they also did it for a benji
Outro : The things people do for some benjis x3 (what do they do , what do they dooo?)
I guess it’s all about the benjis x3 (is it true , oh is it true ?)
They say it’s all about the benjis x3 (is it true , for you ?)

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